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Date: 10/12/2004

اتمنى ان يقام معرض دائم للمنتوجات اللبنانية والسورية في كلا البلدين او على الحدود وخصوصا للبضاعة التي تستورد لكلا البلدين

Name: بلال الشويكي

Address: طرابلس الميناء Email:

Date: 12/7/2004

بعد التحية والسلام أود أن أقول بأن هنالك شيء غريب يحصل في هذا العالم فأوروبا إتحدت وأزالت الحدود فيما بينها رغم كل الأمور التي تفرقها من لغة ودين وثقافة وحروب أم نحن العرب الذي يجمعنا كل شيء فما تزال الحدود بيننا والعوائق حتى على مرور الأفراد وهذا شيء معيب أرجو أن يتم العمل على إزالتها

Name: عمر الشريف

Address: بيروت Email:

Date: 7/4/2004

The relations between Lebanon and Syria are good but they need more organization and everything will be good, but one thing misses these relations is the humanitarian side. The people of the two countries should be more friendly with each other and should work together to fight the difficulties brought by the west and "Israel".

Name: Bilal Khoury

Address: Hamra,Beirut,Lebanon Email:

Date: 17/3/2004

Commentaries should also be included in the guest book, not only praises. Thanks.

Name: Anna Shahid

Address: calcutta, india Email:

Date: 4/3/2004

Thanks for this information. It is extremely useful. It is a hard job but it is well done. Cheers.

Name: George Smith

Address: Rocklin, CA Email:

Date: 24/2/2004

I would like to commend you for a job well done. Accessing the full text of the treaties between Syria and Lebanon is very important for researches of international and national laws. I will advise my fellow librarians about your web site. Thanks again.

Name: Alyssa Khatib

Address: 2 UN Plaza, New York, NY 10017 Email:

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