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Joint Seminars and Conferences

Number Agreement/Accord Name Date Place

1Seminar on Economic Cooperation and Coordination Perspectives between Syria and Lebanon (Arabic)21/10/1995 Beirut

2Lebanese Syrian Cooperation Seminar to Support Pioneer Women (Arabic)09-10/11/1995 Beirut

3First Economic Seminar about Syrian Lebanese Economic Relations: Facts & Prospects (Arabic)18-19/11/1996 Damascus

4Second Economic Seminar about Middle Eastern Economic Market Effects upon Syria and Lebanon (Arabic)22-23/05/1997 Beirut

5Syrian Lebanese Research Days: Seminar on the Fruitful Trees Banes and their Control (Arabic)20-22/09/1997 Lattakia

6Syrian Lebanese Research Days: Seminar on Animal Production and Health in Syria and Lebanon (Arabic)29-30/05/1998 SinElfeel

7Syrian Lebanese Research Days: Science of Materials Seminar (Arabic)28-29/10/1998 Beirut

8Joint Educational Seminar for Training Teachers in Syria and Lebanon (Arabic)10-11/12/1998 Beirut

9Seminar on Globalization and its Effects on Developing Countries Specially on Lebanon and Syria (Arabic)15-16/04/1999 Beirut

10Syrian Lebanese Scientific Meeting (Arabic)22/05/1999 Damascus

11Syrian Lebanese Scientific Meeting (Arabic)08/06/1999 Tal-Amara

12First Syrian Lebanese Engineering Conference (Arabic)13-14/10/1999 Damascus

13Syrian Lebanese Research Days: Syrian Lebanese Meeting Regarding Research of the Arabic Scientific Heritage (Arabic)20-21/01/2000 Ber Hasan

14First Syrian Lebanese Seminar Regarding Developments in Information Technology and Communications (Arabic)25-26/04/2000 Damascus

15First Syrian Lebanese Seminar Regarding Developments in Information Technology and Communications (Arabic)28-29/04/2000 Beirut

16Syrian Lebanese Research Days: Seminar on the Diversity of Ecological Systems in Syria and Lebanon (Arabic)04-05/02/2001 Damascus

17First Management Seminar Regarding Modern Management in Syria and Lebanon (Arabic)12-13/05/2001 Damascus

18Syrian Lebanese Seminar Regarding Future Perspective of Social Security (Arabic)01-02/09/2001 Damascus

19Syrian Lebanese Research Days: Seminar Regarding Facts and Horizons of Olive Trees and Olive Oil in Syria and Lebanon (Arabic)16-18/02/2002 Lattakia

20Second Syrian Lebanese Seminar Regarding the Digital Society Project in Syria and Lebanon (Arabic)10-11/05/2002 Damascus

21Seminar Regarding International Changes and its Effects on the Lebanese and Syrian Economies (Arabic)16-17/05/2002 Beirut

22Second Syrian Lebanese Scientific Meeting (Arabic)24/06/2002 Tal-Ama

23Second Syrian Lebanese Scientific Meeting (Arabic)08/07/2002 Syria, Duma

24Workshop on Encouraging Investments and the Acceleration of Industrial Products Exchange between Syria and Lebanon (Arabic)08-09/11/2002 Beirut

25Lebanese Syrian Water Relations Seminar (Arabic)01/11/2002 Tripoli

26Workshop on Value Added tax, Fact in Lebanon and Application Perspective in Syria (Arabic)21-22/12/2002 Damascus

27Syrian Lebanese Banking Cooperation Conference (Arabic)25/01/2003 Damascus

28Seminar on the Announcement of Results of the Syrian Lebanese Scientific Research Project for the Study of the Orontes River Environment (Arabic)20/02/2003 Damascus

29Social Dimension in the Lebanese Syrian Relations Seminar (Arabic)21-22/02/2003 Tripoli

30Syrian Lebanese Research Days: Seminar on the Sources of Renewed Resources and Ways of Utilizing it (Arabic)27-28/03/2003 Beirut

31Population Policies and Development Workshop (Arabic)15-16/04/2003 Beirut

32Technology and Banking Industry Seminar (Arabic)02-03/12/2003 Damascus

33National WIPO Seminar on Trade Marks (Arabic)22-23/12/2003 Damascus

34Specialized Workshop Regarding Agricultural Complementarity between Lebanon and Syria (Arabic)05/01/2004 Beirut

35Syrian Lebanese Research Days: Seminar on Societys Health is in its Childrens Health (Arabic)02-04/05/2004 Damascus

36Seminar on the Recognition Exchange of Conformity Certificates Agreement (Arabic)20/05/2004 Beirut

37Joint Workshop Regarding the Most Important Viral and Bacterial Diseases of Potatoes (Arabic)10-11/06/2004 Tal-Amara

38Specialized Workshop Regarding the Agricultural Complementaritys Directive Plans between Syria and Lebanon (Arabic)02/12/2004 Duma

39Syrian Lebanese Research Days: Workshop Regarding the Lebanese Universitys Practice in Self Evaluation (Arabic)16-17/01/2006 Damascus